HandWrapped Crystal Charms – “Ankhs n Flight”tm



Carnelian Womb Stone with Quartz Crystal Phallus representing the Union Creation of LIFE. (aprox. 5″ long)

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HandWrapped in Colored Aluminum (may contain copper, as well): (aprox. 5″ long)

A GREAT Altar or Wall Piece; or may be used for healing rituals, meditation, and spiritual ceremonies.

The Ankh also known as the “Key of Life” is an Ancient Kemetic Mdw Ntchr (Egyptian Hieroglyphic) symbol that was most commonly used in writing, and in Egyptian Art to represent the word for “LIFE” which represents the Complete Cyclycal Order of Universal Manifestation in everything through Intention, Inception, Birth, Ascension, Death, and then Resurrection through our Ancestral lineage and Descendants.

The top sphere represents the Womb, the elongated sphere represents the Phallus (penis), and the two side spheres represents the descendants (children both feminine and masculine)… this concept ensures the continuation of LIFE and the Balance in all living things.

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Dimensions 4 × 3 × 4 in